We invite you to join us on this journey where you will discover what Time Management means and how it is applied in everyday life from a holistic perspective.

You will receive information and exercises that will bring you awareness and clarity and you will experience meditation practices, but also emotional releases of patterns and beliefs related to time, organization and everyday efficiency. All of these combined are aimed at connecting you with divine timing and the harmony of feminine and masculine energy.

But what is divine time? It represents the trust that everything that happens in your life happens at exactly the right time, and that is why it is very liberating to remind yourself that you are always protected and can relax in the arms of the Universe. Of course, contributing alongside him day by day through what you do and what you become.

Trusting this divine timing brings more peace into your life along with a sense of total trust that can give you the relaxation to harmoniously blend the two energies: the feminine and the masculine. Allow yourself to be aligned with your femininity and all that it brings, but also with the energy of action to be able to achieve everything you set out to do.

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • Discover what your limiting beliefs are about time
  • Discover your values ​​and organize your time in relation to them
  • To turn your desires into goals that you know how to fulfill in the most beneficial way for you, having a clear vision
  • Know how to create space in your life by freeing up your time-consumers and replacing unhelpful habits with activities that bring you ever closer to fulfilling your dreams and mission
  • Know how to organize your day so that you enjoy a balance between what you have to do (for work, for example) and what really brings you joy
  • To discover and connect to your healthy feminine and masculine energy to bring you many fulfillments in all areas of life
  • Feel how these two energies can balance and bring harmony within you
  • To free yourself from patterns, beliefs, fears, emotions that block you from accessing your healthy feminine and masculine energy through meditations and emotional releases
  • To connect with your subconscious through various experiential exercises that will give you the opportunity to have awareness and notice what emotions and thoughts you have about these two energies

We have prepared both valuable information and practical exercises to work on all these aspects so that at the end of the workshop you leave with energy and inspiration to become a person who:

  • has clarity about organizing time and life in general
  • knows how to set goals and the steps to achieve them
  • they create healthy habits that benefit them and stick with them for the long term
  • is productive and organized and knows how to live her life aligned with her values, in harmony and joy
  • knows his feminine and masculine energy and knows how to blend them harmoniously in everyday life
  • allows herself to access her femininity and energy of creation through everything she does and who is not afraid to act and understand the role of each individual energy
  • allows herself to listen to herself, to connect to her intuition and to bring more clarity to her life by listening to herself more and more

What do you really want to make time for?

Hello! I’m Flavia, Personal Development Trainer and Branding & Social Media Consultant.
My soul project is Cocochard, an online platform with sustainable diaries – travel diaries made of coconut paper and cotton, but also digital products and an online time management course, a dynamic, concise, effective course. Through this project I set out to give people the space and tools they need to live the journey of life with time and joy.
I love traveling, books and coconuts 🙂 I like meeting new people, spending time in nature, and freedom is among my most important values.
Because I believe that Time Management is not only about tips & tricks, which work, but from my point of view only in the short term if we do not have a well-created foundation in terms of our mind, I set out to address time management and from another perspective.
Time management from a holistic perspective goes beyond ticking off as many tasks as possible in a limited and well-organized time. This perspective includes all the important areas in your life starting from caring for yourself, your values, your love for life and for your activities, so that at the end of the day you don’t just feel satisfaction that you ticked off as many tasks as possible, but joy that that you spent your time in a productive way for you and that you brought added value to your life and soul. It’s about creating balance and joy in your life. To make time for the things that really matter to you.

​​Hello, soul! My name is Marie-Lise and I’m here to introduce you to parts of who I am, what I do and what I want to bring to the world, including to you.

First of all, like you I am human and with great joy I choose to live each day of my life, no matter how easy or challenging it may be, because I remember that LIFE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT I could ever receive and then why not find at least one reason to smile every day? Then day by day I choose to be in contact with people through what I do, namely through the holistic therapy I practice. I love to see the joy in their eyes and the fulfillment of seeing them more relaxed and released is indescribable.

And why do I think this topic is relevant and so useful in everyday life?

Because in every moment we can see that to be in balance with us we have to bring balance between these two energies, between doing and being, between having confidence, decision-making power and letting yourself be carried by intuition, by what you feel that it is right for you. It is about knowing these two notions, recognizing them in yourself and consciously integrating them into your everyday life. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and letting yourself be guided by the harmony of feminine and masculine energy in a healed form of them that propels you to your ESSENCE, to who you really are, to your authenticity, with grace and joy!

Where and how is the workshop held?

2 hour workshop “Time Management from a holistic perspective” with Flavia

30 min break

2 hours experiential workshop “Harmony between feminine and masculine energy” with Marie-Lise

Date – June 17, 2023

Time – 14:00

Duration – approx. 5 hours

Venue – Sambodhi Studio

Street Popa Rusu 16A, et2

Sector 2, București

We offer you: worksheets, water, a healthy snack during the break

What you need to bring: pen, a diary, a scarf, clothes to feel comfortable in, a lot of openness and a good mood😊

The energy exchange for this transformational workshop? – 333 lei

Come join us on this journey to connect with the energy of divine time,
to know and experience the balance between doing and being!