Our sustainable journals are made from sustainable sources of coconut and cotton paper. We created them to help you keep your thoughts, ideas, and memories in an organized, creative way.


The journal helps you better plan your trips and keep your travel memories in a creative and organized place.

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You may forget certain places and experiences from your travels. You may realize when you arrive at your destination that you’ve forgotten some essentials. Your friends may even ask for your advice on a certain destination you’ve been to about accommodation and food but you can’t remember all the details… Especially if you travel a lot. Which we hope you do.

We understand your frustration
Been there, done that.
That’s why we created this creative, practical, and colorful travel journal, where you have enough space to both plan your holidays and keep the memories of your wonderful trips.


For each trip, you have enough space to:

Our journal is curious to discover new adventures with you. Take it with you on your next trip or gift it to a friend who is passionate about discovering this magical world!

I want the Travel Journal

The travel journal is 100% sustainable and made of natural materials.

Cover – coconut paper.
Interior – cotton rag paper.

The organic cotton bag is our gift to you!
You can reuse it as many times as you want during your travels.
It will help you keep underwear,
jewelry, or other small items well organized in your luggage.

That’s not all! We have something more in store for you!

We already told you about our love for the planet, trees, and nature.
That’s why we don’t cut down any trees to create our journals. Instead, we plant trees.

For every 2 travel journals sold we plant a tree, and this is only possible with your help.
We want to show our care and love for nature with every product sold and we can’t wait to keep you up to date with our planting project.

Be grateful for your experiences, become a source of inspiration for your community and keep your memories of the most beautiful adventures in a well-organized, creative and sustainable journal.

I want the Travel Journal


If you prefer to keep your memories on your phone or tablet, we have the perfect option for you – the Digital Travel Journal.

In the digital format, you enjoy the same design and the same benefits, having enough space to keep your memories from 8 trips, to write down your thoughts, and also to add photos.

It can easily be used always having it at hand on your mobile phone.

We like to keep our friends close 🙂 !