Hey, I’m Flavia 🙂

Because I love coconuts, trees, orchards and nature, I wanted this virtual space to be the “orchard” in which to plant love, curiosity, work and dedication, and from which you can “pick” the necessary tools to – live your life organized, with joy.

I love traveling, reading, especially on the beach at sunset, fries and a veggie burger, red wine, writing, dancing and going to concerts and enjoying nature.

Some of the most important values ​​I base my life and work on are personal development and freedom.

I am a Social Media Consultant, I teach Life & Time Management courses and I create tree-free travel diaries.

Just as the coconut represents the perfect balance between power and delicacy, so Cocochard perfectly balances the power of knowledge, learning and education with the delicacy and playfulness of creativity, imagination and curiosity.


Accelerator program towards the life of a freelancer

From my own experience as a freelancer with a passion for travel, I realized that I experienced many challenges that I faced alone or with the help of the coaches and therapists I worked with.

And I wanted to include in this program the methods, tools and information that helped me so that you can have a strong start. With energy, confidence and joy. See more details here

Because I often received the question “How do you have time for everything?” I collected my experiences and lessons, did a lot of research and put it all together.

We created this course that has a holistic approach, meaning we work first on mindset and then on daily practices. If you want to enjoy more time for yourself, you can find the course here,iand if you want to delight your employees with a useful and fun workshop, you can find more details here.

I guide freelancers and entrepreneurs to create an online presence in a productive and creative way. I think Instagram should be fun, but with a plan. That is, doing what you do with joy, but with a strategy. See here what options do we have to work together in consulting, trainings or Social Media strategy.

Love for coconuts and travel in one product 🙂 This diary is tree-free, meaning we don’t cut down trees to make it, it’s made from coconut paper and cotton and you can get it as a gift here.

Our vision? A world where people take the time to live their lives with joy.

And my Mission is to give people the space and tools they need to live life’s journey with joy.

What I really believe


I believe that everything starts from the mindset. Really knowing yourself, and having clarity in your ideas, thoughts, and plans, while constantly learning and applying the things you learn.

I believe that if we take care of ourselves, if we continuously develop and live our lives meaningfully, in our own values, each of us will be able to achieve our own success and become the person we want to be.


Love for the Planet, for people and for life guides the choices I make and the decisions I make in building the Cocochard brand and each individual product.


The journey of life but also exploring the beauty of Earth. I am curious to discover new places, wonderful people and live interesting experiences from which I can learn, evolve and enjoy.

I believe that success is available to anyone. Each person has their own definition of success. The path to success, though, is similar for everyone: be organized, persevere, invest in yourself, and do small daily actions that will bring you closer to your goals. Learn and be inspired by those who have already reached where you want to be.

So, I’m here because I want to inspire you and help you with the solutions, ideas and tools you need to live your life with the most joy!

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