Cocochard was born from the love of people, nature, personal development and travel, for an organized life, lived with joy by personal values.

“Because I love coconuts, trees, orchards, and nature I wanted this brand and this virtual space to be the “orchard” in which I can plant love, curiosity, work, and dedication. A space where you can get the tools you need to live an organized and happy life.

Just as the coconut with its perfect balance between power and delicacy, so Cocochard perfectly balances the power of knowledge, learning and education with the delicacy and playfulness of creativity, imagination, and curiosity.”


Our vision? A world where people take the time to live their lives with joy.

Our mission is to give people the space and tools they need to live the journey of life with joy.

Our values


We believe that everything starts from the mindset. Really knowing yourself, and having clarity in your ideas, thoughts, and plans, while constantly learning and applying the things you learn.

We believe that if we take care of ourselves, if we continuously develop and live our lives meaningfully, in our own values, each of us will be able to achieve our own success and become the person we want to be.


The Love for the Planet, people, and for life guides us in the choices we make in building each Cocochard product and our brand’s core beliefs.


The journey of life but also exploring the beauty of Earth. We are curious beings. We strive to discover new places, meet new and wonderful people, and be absorbed in interesting experiences from which to learn, evolve and enjoy life even more.

We believe that success is achievable for anyone. Each person has their own definition of success. The path to success, though, is similar for everyone: be organized, persevere, invest in yourself, and do small daily actions that will bring you closer to your goals. Learn and be inspired by those who have already reached where you want to be.

We are here because we want to inspire you and help you with solutions, ideas, and tools you need to live your life with joy!

We like to keep our friends close 🙂 !